The traditional dessert baklava from the past to the present is always consumed with love. Baklava is one of the most popular desserts of festivals. Of course, our precious women are always offering their guests homemade baklava during the holidays.

I will give you a key point for baklava sherbet. There are many key points to bake a delicious baklava. For example; the quality of the material used (the most important), is the taste of the master’s hand and cooking the baklava in the wood fire.

Add a quarter of lemon into the baklava sherbet while boiling. It will prevent your sherbet from being candied. After the sherbet has boiled and the baklava has cooled down, you should pour the sherbet on it. If you pour the hot sherbet on hot baklava, you may cause the phyllo to become doughy. You should pour hot sherbet to cooled baklava. You should not cover it. In this way, it will absorb the sherbet better and make it get the true consistency of the baklava. The dense consistency of the baklava syrup can cause the baklava to candied in hot weather.

If the baklava is candied, you can place and heat the baklava tray into a container filled with hot water. But take care, don’t influx of water into the tray. Also, prepare a small amount of sherbet and pour it over the baklava. So, the candied baklava will be dissolved.