Sales Contract

Sales Contract

Sales Contract between usbabaklava.com.tr and customer in a Virtual Environment.


The subject of hereby this contract is to determine the rights and liabilities of the parties, in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Customers and Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts (numbered 4077), in relation to the sale and delivery of the products of which contents and selling price are specified below and which are ordered online by the BUYER from the website representing the SELLER.



Usba Baklava San. ve Tic. A.Ş.



All members: Usba Baklava San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

The company’s e-commerce store is all buyers who are members of usbabaklava.com.tr. (Hereinafter referred to as buyer or customer.)



The type, amount, brand and model, selling price, means of payment, ship-to party, address of delivery, billing information of the purchased product/s is on website. These promises can change without notification to the buyer.



5.1 – The Buyer hereby declares that he/she has learned the information on the basic properties, the sales price of the Product(s), payment type, and the other preliminary information including delivery information from the website and that he/she has agreed and confirmed such information via the electronic environment.

5.2 – The Products subject to the Contract shall be delivered to the Buyer or address provided by the Buyer or the person/ entity to be designated by the Buyer within the period as prescribed in the preliminary information at the Website depending on the distance of the Buyer to the Seller provided such period shall not exceed the 30-days legally allowed delivery period.

5.3 – If the contractual item is delivered to another person or organization from the buyer, the SELLER can not be held responsible for not accepting delivery by the delivery person or organization.

5.4 – The Seller is liable for delivery of the Products fully, completely and robustly, having the properties stipulated in the order and together, if applicable.

5.5 – Contracts for delivery of the product is the subject of this agreement is to be approved electronically and to be paid by the recipient’s preferred form of payment of the purchase price is essential. Product price will not be paid for any reason, or if the registration is canceled in the bank, it is considered freed from the vendor product delivery obligations.

5.6 – If the relevant bank or financing institution will not pay the price of the Products to the Seller due to any unfair or illegal use of the credit cards provided such use will not be due to the faults of the Buyer after the delivery of the Products, the Buyer shall return the Product delivered to him/ her to the Seller within 3 days. The cargo fees related to such return shall be borne by the Buyer.

5.7 – The Seller will inform any failure of delivery within the prescribed period due to any force majeure conditions including extremely adverse weather and interruptions in transportation. In such a case, the Buyer may choose any of the followings: (i) cancel the order, (ii) replace the Product(s) with the equivalent product(s), and/or (iii) postpone the delivery of the Products until the ceasing of the force majeure condition. In the event of cancellation of the order by the Buyer, the price of the Products shall be returned to the bank within seven (7) days from the cancellation. Since there will be a banking process related to the return transaction, the Buyer hereby understands and agrees that the Seller will not be able to control any delays and accordingly shall not be held liable for the period from the return of the amount to the credit card and its reflection in the card account by the bank.

5.8 – In the event that the products delivered to the person and / or institutions to which the BUYER and / or the BUYER wants to deliver are defective or defective, the relevant products or products must be sent within 7 days starting from the date of receipt by the BUYER, shipping costs are paid by the SELLER. In such a case, if the 7 day workday ends, the PURCHASER must take the product to the related service.

5.9- This contract becomes effective after being electronically confirmed by the buyer (after the member has performed the membership), after it has been delivered to…………………………..



For orders placed under this contract, the right of withdrawal can be used by calling 0212 512 6363 than 2 hours after the order is placed. The buyer has the right to return the products delivered in cargo within the period of one (1) day from the date of delivery with the condition that the products such as packaging, tape, seal, package can not be opened without using the product and without destroying it. Due to the cargo delivery term, the refund requests are not made in return. The return of all used products, whether packaged, damaged, or in any way contaminated with the products, is not accepted in accordance with Article 15 of the Regulation on Distant Contracts published in the Resmi Gazete dated 27 November 2014.


In the implementation of this contract, the Consumer Arbitration Committees and the Consumer Jurisdictions of BUYER or SELLER are authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the declared value. If the order is approved in electronic form, the PURCHASER shall be deemed to have accepted all the provisions of this contract.