Return policy

Cancellation and Returns Conditions

You can cancel within 2 hours after giving your order by calling +90 (212) 502 63 63. Since your orders in Istanbul are prepared immediately and cargo is delivered, cancellation is not possible.

Our company is not responsible for the delays caused by the weather conditions, so the requested cancellations will not be accepted.

We recommend that you consume after 15 minutes in the room temperature because the plain fat in our products will freeze in cold weather.

You may refund the package, tape, seal, protector, etc. in the manner that you receive it within one (1) day from the date of delivery with the condition that you can not open the package, tape, seal, protector without destroying it without using the product you have taken with cargo. Cancellations can not be made with courier deliveries. You may return the product with a petition containing the product invoice and the reason for the return. Return processing is only possible for products that do not contain air. Refunds for non-packaged baklava and similar products are not accepted in accordance with Article 15 of the Regulation on Distant Contracts published in the Resmi Gazete dated 27 November 2014.

If you think that you are damaged during shipment, open and check the packages in front of the cargo officer where you received them. If there is any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a record to the cargo company. Please note that you have accepted that the cargo company fully fulfills its duty once the product has been delivered.

Damaged, destroyed or damaged original packaging of the original packaging is not accepted.

The customer product is liable to compensate for the loss of the commercial value of the product due to the use of the product when it is delivered to the customer

In the event that the customer returns or refunds the product with the above mentioned return conditions, the returned product will be refunded within ten (10) days after reaching to Usba Baklava.

Usba Baklava shall not refund the product and refund the product if it can not be returned in the form of any opening, breakage, breakage, destruction, tearing, use, or in case the product is delivered to the customer.

In the case of products returned in accordance with the above conditions, the shipping charge will be paid by the customer.