Human Resources

Our Strategy

To employ qualified, educated, open-minded, permanent development-oriented and responsible staff. Targeting employee satisfaction and commitment at a high level. It is to build a structure in which talented human resources personnel, who partner with growth strategies, want to work.


To offer you in the best way, hand-made baklava varieties of Turkish food craftsmen, who embrace Anatolian Turkish cultures, with Turkish hospitality and culinary skills.Our goal is taking a share in among the most powerful baklava practitioners in Turkey and worldwide that product of our culture indispensable. Make feel the traditional flavor that extends from the master’s hand of USBA.


  • Increasing the customer satisfaction that we gain from the businesses that prefer us and our individual customers day by day and to ensure continuity.
  • To increase the number of companies that we are producing by reaching more consumers in the country with our high quality baklava varieties which we produce by combining traditional methods with technology.
  • We will continue to meet you with the blessing of praise from you, our traditional palate.
  • To deliver “perfect” meals to you and our business in respect.