When you think of a festive dessert, baklava first comes to mind. Each region has its own unique and delicious baklava. Stuffings of the baklava are peanuts in Şanlıurfa, walnuts in Central Anatolia, hazelnuts in Karadeniz, clotted cream in the Mediterranean and Eastern Anatolia, roasted chickpea in Afyonkarahisar. Some are cooked white, some are as brown as a berry. But while trying to make baklava, we have difficulty in catching those masterful delicacies.

The most important secret of all pastries is to choose the right flour. The second key point is the egg. We have to wait to warming the egg at room temperature, which we took out from refrigerator an hour before use. The third key point is salt. A saltless dough does not consistency, so we should definitely add some salt into it when making dessert. The last ingredient needed for the baklava is starch. A thin, fresh wheat starch is ideal to spread the dough. When spreading the dough, we should try to work in a cool and sunless place, in an environment with no airflow.

Sherbet crystallizes when not properly prepared and therefore the baklava loses its original flavor. Another point to note is to lubricate the baklava. After the butter is melted, it should be boiled for a few minutes and hot oil should be applied to each piece.

Baklava Recipe: You sift the flour. Make a gap in the middle of the flour. Add eggs, salt, water and sugar to the flour and knead the dough of the consistency of an earlobe. Divide the dough into the size of the egg and rest for half an hour. If possible, sprinkle the starch on dough on a marble bench and spread it. Put the two rolling pins side by side. Wrap the dough on it and shrink it. Spread it on a cloth or paper and let it rest for 5-6 minutes. Wash figs in a separate place and soak them in hot milk for half an hour. Again with the milk, as whole or chopped and mixed with walnut, put in the pan. Add sugar and mix the milk. Fold the dough into strips with a rectangular shape, four fingers thick. Put the figs in the middle, wrap them up to 6 times. Cut it with a knife and shirink the two sides. Put it on the tray. Add hot butter on top. Bake for 45 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven and add sherbet.