Glucose syrup, i.e. corn syrup, is a sugar syrup obtained from corn starch. It is preferred because it is sweeter and less costly than other kinds of sugar. It is not possible that we do not feel taste when we use it in food and drinks. Because the taste of glucose syrup is very similar to normal.

As the glucose syrup enters the body, the sugar balance of the body is first distorted. It can disrupt hormonal systems and cause cancer in the long term. It has been seen for many years that glucose syrup fed cancerous cells. Glucose syrup also causes the formation of stones and pathological appearance in the kidneys. It has been shown that increase testosterone and estrogen hormones secretion and disrupting the hormonal balance in the body. Also it has known that glucose syrup increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

To specify how harmful the glucose syrup is, the American doctor Mark Hyman counted a few items. These;

-The hyperfructured glucose syrups cause diabetes and weight gain.

– Glucose syrups are not circulating in the body like normal sugars. A study by the Oakland Research Institute of Children’s Hospital found that more energy was needed when the glucose syrup was absorbed in the intestines. This excess energy is provided by the energy needed to maintain intestinal integrity. In this case, it causes discomforts like colitis.

– It is not known how toxic the glucose syrup is, but it is not known to be a pure substance composed of sugar molecules.

– It has been revealed that glucose syrup prevents secretion of hormone called leptin secreted in the body and which helps burn fat. This effect is over time and the hormone sensors become blind. The body, which constantly releases insulin, feels hungry all the time. Because the food taken with insulin is stored continuously. The body still feels hungry when when there is no glucose in the blood.

-If you see high fructose sugar, glucose syrup, corn syrup on the products you buy from the market, the other useful substances in the product do not suffice to destroy the damage of glucose syrup.