About Us

About Us
Traditional Taste by Professional Hands
Usba Baklava was established in 1993 as a district patisserie with partners. Over time, partners were separated and continued with a single executive. In this way, it became a family company focused on baklava production and became a producer of many companies in Istanbul.
Usba Baklava, operating in Bahçelievler-Yenibosna integrate years of experience and working discipline with the love that win by being a family enterprise. It is working with the family power and a great dedication to deliver the taste of baklava own production to Turkey and anywhere in the world. It continues to work very diligently without sacrificing product quality and hygiene policy. Usba Baklava, which closely follows production technologies, bring to the present The Ottoman baklava art it has proved that it reaches the best quality in production with different tastes and contemporary understanding open to innovation.
Usba Baklava has taken its place among the leading companies in the sector by bringing together the professionalism of the Ottoman culinary culture and the natural texture of Anatolian food and drink cultures. It offers the true flavor of baklava in its pure and natural form.
Usba Baklava, which increases target group to over thousands of trays throughout Istanbul, wants to deliver this traditional flavor, prepared by the professionals of the kitchen, to a larger crowd. With this aim, it every day to renew itself and improve, continues to make production without compromising the quality and flavor of the baklava. Usba Baklava will continue to offer quality with the aim of continuous improvement.
Mustafa Usluer, the founder of Usba Baklava and one of the master names of the industry at the same time, has used organic foods in baklava from the past to today. Usba Baklava has made baklava without additives, using organic butter and sugar beets. It wants to keep this important tradition in the same mastery and healthy production framework, moving to the future.

Mustafa Usluer
Mustafa Usluer was born in 1979 in Şanlıurfa-Birecik. He studied at the primary school in Şanlıurfa. Usluer’s working life in the sector has begun at a very young age. when he was 7 years old, he has started to work on baklava sector, his favourite sector. By this step taken with primary school teacher, school life and working life coincided with the same period. In this way Mustafa Usluer continued, both studied and contributed to his family.
Mustafa Usluer, who has been working diligently to attain his goal step by step, reached a level from apprenticeship to “master” in at Birecik when he was 12 years old and achieved serious success in this sector. He also moved to Istanbul together with his family at the age of 12 and continued his progress in the sector. In the days when he worked as a “Baklava Master” in many different large-scale businesses in Istanbul, he decided setting up a business his own business.
After Mustafa Usluer came to Istanbul, he thought he would reach his goal more easily. At this point he spent a lot of time in his small patisserie in 1993 in Istanbul-Yenibosna. Even in the first months of this patisserie he has established, he started to attract the attention of the customers with the baklava.
Mustafa Usluer has decided to produce wholesale baklava with the increase of regular customers who have tasted Usba Baklava’s dessert from various districts of Istanbul. As a family establishment, Usba Baklava continues to offer its traditional flavor without compromising quality by increasing its production day by day with these studies.

Baklava from Ottoman Empire to Today
The dessert culture had a great value in the Ottoman cuisine. The first characteristic of the baklava masters who will work in this kitchen is professionalism.
For this reason, the culinary master of the cuisine was chosen from intelligent, knowledgeable and talented people. The baklava was presented to the dining table of the communities that have a great position and a high level of appreciation. So it was an important culinary product that requires a lot of mastery, rather than a simple pastry dessert.
Baklava, one of the indispensable tastes of the Ottoman Palace, was an indispensable dessert of special feasts and splendid dining tables especially arranged during Ramadan. The professional masters of this special cuisine fulfill the need for sugar by adding natural honey.
Baklava, which is one of the kitchen products that best reflects Turkish-Ottoman food culture and habits towards this culture, has succeeded in reaching today with many kinds. With this important position in the culinary culture, it was also a separate craft by itself, separated from cookery.
Baklava was served in villages and towns almost everywhere in the community, sometimes handcrafted by mothers in their homes with butter and natural sherbet on special occasions, the Ramadan, weddings or state ceremonies. Baklava the flavor of the Ottoman daily delicacies was indisputable, one of the most important and professionally dessert products.

USBA, birçok işletmeye ve sizlere müşteri memnuniyeti sunmaktadır.

Increasing the customer satisfaction that we gain from the businesses that prefer us and our individual customers day by day and to ensure continuity.

To increase the number of companies that we are producing by reaching more consumers in the country with our high quality baklava varieties which we produce by combining traditional methods with technology.
We will continue to meet you with the blessing of praise from you, our traditional palate.
To deliver “perfect” meals to you and our business in respect.

To offer you in the best way, hand-made baklava varieties of Turkish food craftsmen, who embrace Anatolian Turkish cultures, with Turkish hospitality and culinary skills.
Our goal is taking a share in among the most powerful baklava practitioners in Turkey and worldwide that product of our culture indispensable.
Make feel the traditional flavor that extends from the master’s hand of USBA.

USBA Baklava quality policy to supply reliable products to customers and to maintain trust continuity in the course of developing up to raw material supply meeting all food document criteria and after sales service.
At this point, the firm carries out its activities in accordance with the quality management principles.
USBA quality policy based on sustainable quality, contemporary service, industry prestige and sectoral leadership.

Flour, Egg, Salt, Milk, Water, Sugar Beet, Lemon, Semolina, Chocolate, Olive Oil, Butter, Plain Oil, Pistachio, Walnut, Hazelnut, Coconut

One tray of baklava is about 3 kg.
There is no service charge.
Our products are shipped with non-returnable trays and special boxes.
” 4 kinds of baklava ” and ” Spatula ” are dispatched with your order as gift.
Our products are with 50% buttered.
Orders are taken one day in advance.
We do not serve on Sunday.
Our documents will be presented to our customers who request it.
It is delivered from our store due to the high density At RELIGIOUS FESTIVALS.
All our products include VAT.